You guys it's going on it's Alex racing garage and tonight we're going to be demonstrating our campus LED headlight kit on this. 2008 Dodge ram 1500 we haven't plugged and hand my buddies there in the car and we're gonna show you guys how it's plugged in the car and we're gonna show you how it functions we're gonna show you what you need and how to make it work properly okay so now we have the LEDs installed in the truck and we're going to show you guys what it looks like so that's the LED right there its LED bulb that's a harness that goes to the canvas module which is that guy. And this particular vehicle needed the campus because it's a Dodge.
LED Headlights
So also with the canvas also needed another accessory. Which is these guys. These are resistors or anti flicker. Modules of people call them but they're pretty much just resistors and led headlights So from the canvas. They would usually play again to the factory harness but it's not gonna go to affect your Highness it's gonna first go plug into these resistors. And then it is going to go plug into the factoryhighest last. So we're going to tie these all up and get this all bolted out so it's not. Nynex the fan and not just around.

But that's what it looks like from thebackside. So it's similar set up to pretty much what nature idea so you guys are probably wondering why you need a can bus kit for this vehicle for the Dodgers on it's because the Dodgers have a ball about warning I'm on the dash. And without the canvas kits. If you're just using a regular kit you will get a ball about warning and. With the canvas kit does is you will not get a ball about warning or any error code on the dash so. The truck. And it's. There is no. Whatsoever on the dash. And. We have to change oil but that's besides the point. So as you can see there's no bull about warning or any error code on the dash. So here's a light switch turn this on. And. Still. No warning no error code no nothing.

So now that we have the kids all plugged in wired up ready to go we're going to you know say you guys. With the lights on. As you can see it reaches full intensity the moment you hit the switch you don't need to wait for it to warm up or anything like that have full intensity the moment you. Switch. And. These are on a CD a lot brighter than the standard ones on the canvas kids are brighter than the standard tape that we have. About 25 percent greater. IBM. High beams worked just fine.