2016 Ford MustangFord has finally released the Mustang locally and it's powered by 2 .3 liter 4 cylinder ecoboost engine the efficient turbocharged motor generates 233 kilowatts 432 Newton Matus and uses as little as 9 latest per 0 kilometers on the combined cycle not enough that's a kind good. Let's stop pretending that anybody cares about a 4 cylinder Mustang and concentrate on the one everybody does care about this one. 5 late of the I. Originally launched in the states in April 64 as anointing 65 model the Mustang was at the time for what's most successful launch since the model I. Performance enthusiasts didn't always type the Mustang seriously early on the Mustang was seen as more of a poses car than a performance weapon.

People like Carroll Shelby changed all that. Decided a raft of hot cool they I'd engine options. Now the Mustang is as much Morton muscle car. Eco. Ford Mustang the first officially available in Australia since the sixties. Is the sixth generation of what is now an automotive legend. It's also the first Mustang that's being designed by the factory to be right hand drive from the outset. Mustang export superstar for the Ford brand retro is cool but retro isn't easy to Nile yet this Mustang brief perfectly. It's Marden but old school and it needs to be to take the Mustang fight. Absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this is a great value muscle com. I've spent a bit of time driving the previous generation Mustang in America. You. Right. Is actually a proper step forward and refinement it's a muscle car in every sense of the  word but it's actually quite refined it's quiet in the cabin.

Comfortable there's not a lot of road noise that feels very together and very solid so well built. I've decided I wouldn't admit it publicly but the ecoboost 4 cylinder is actually a really good engine of spent a bit of time and that's it I have seriously impressed with out the forms that uses meet non latest per 0 kilometers so it's actually quite efficient as well it's got plenty of punch and it's got a great source not. Ike which is actually the reason that everybody's gonna want to buy a Mustang.No. What loud enough that mark needed souls but it does sound good and intrinsically it's like right moderates got plenty of talent takes a toll nonsense move the automatic gearbox which I've tested eyes bright get slightly right. And it actually drives really really costly so whichever talk of Mustang you prefer you're really gonna be happy with what we've got.

Inside the cabin it's a solid mix of oldschool design and modern technology a classical Mustang steering wheel sits next to Ford's latest version of its sink to infotainment system. So does the new Ford Mustang position itself as a proper muscle ka you bet it does you can have a lot of fun you can grab  can drive it the way you should be able to draw the Muskoka the fact there's a 4 cylinder model will create more bars happy remains there's something for everyone that's a really really good interpretation of it legendary muscle cough and akaun white for the cowboys team to sink their teeth into this one.