2011 Hyundai Sonata review

Hey guys I wanted to show you these LED headlights that just bought for my 2011 Hyundai sonata. I went with LED because I didn't want to mess with them The The HID's because. I hear you can get some bad ballasts than. Your headlights will look riding and all this mess. So I figured hi Michael with ID's a new type of LED headlights. These are creamy. Light bulbs but I really doubt that they're real authentic crease the public just so. Imitations of creamy LEDs but on.

Hyundai SonataIt's a newer type of LED that you'll see. So about these off of eBay. And don't really want to tell you who the. The seller was because you can just look on eBay and search for the sat LED H7 Headlights. And are they were pretty expensive but they all got it for. Actually under a puppy under 30 Bucks so not bad. And. They said that it omits about. 2400 lumens so that's great because. Halogen does probably at best. 2000 women's. And I have the Philips diamond. Vision on my car in. Still kinda not happy with it it's not true bright white. Still got a little tinge of yellow. And a sense that say. Since it, On a blue tinted halogen 2013 Hyundai Sonata headlight bulb. Their light output isn't . Quite what I really wanted so I'm gonna try these out so the user. I kind of cool because you'll notice that these newer LEDs. I've been looking around. And I you notice that this one doesn't have a fan. And in the back of this isn't very. Very big and bulky, And what's really cool is if you've ever changed out your halogen like books on your. On your I sonata that you know that retainer clip is.

It's really hard to deal with and also I was word about some clearance and stuff like that. But what's really cool is you see that this this little. This little H. 7. Click here. It. It on fun fun fun does itself. So. You can just put this aside the retainer clip and then. Slide the other rest of LED body and. And notice. Lock on. So cut any. And then. From there. It's got just so I guess a small little ballots here so nothing big to really maut. Appear to your LED your HID skews me. And then I figured . I want to use like dust caps. So I might just drill hole. Through it just to fit the the wire through so I already took all my desktop but does caps and upright just drill little hole to fit that wire through. You can you can buy these deaths caps. From Amazon or somewhere online so you have to ruin your. Your factor wins because I know a lot of you guys lease your sonata so you don't miss a beat so but yeah you can always buy extra one of these if you don't wanna draw through your your old but anyways. I'm gonna and install these and up that you.