2006 Ford Explorer – SUV review

When I think back to the beginning of the SUV boom there are a handful of sport Utes that come to mind but to me it's the Ford Explorer that really epitomizes the heyday of the traditional sport utility vehicle but SUV's are no longer the apple of everyone's I. Contrary SUVs have become the poster children for wretched excess and vilified by small car drivers and environmentalists. In response to this board is move the all new 2006 Explore a little farther away from its rough truck routes. Crossovers are still viewed as okay in the court of public opinion and the new explorer those still real sport you capable has a little more of the cross over persona built in. So why choose the explorer say over the freestyle well the Explorer is built body on frame for SUV off road toughness. They can tow over 7000 pounds to pay.

Ford Explorer Powertrain seating configurations. That payload is bent increased to as much as. 200 pounds. Ground clearance is over 8 inches and the advanced track 4 wheel drive system has electronic selectable for high end for low ranges from what is otherwise a rear wheel drive truck. These are the key attributes of the traditional SUV and the stats on the new explorer look good by comparison. The new 4.6 liter V8 features 3 valves per cylinder and makes a very healthy 292 horsepower and 300 pound feet of torque mated to a new 6 speed auto the explorer feels more than adequately power to carry you on your errands.

Gas mileage for my 4 by 4 Eddie Bauer came in close to 16 miles per gallon for the week which included a lot of highway driving. The 4 wheel independent suspension delivers a very smooth ride while the same time providing more Christmas to the handling that before the both areas trail behind the head. Powered jeep grand Cherokee. He explore competitor. What area that the jeep can't compete is a passenger space. My exporting fitted with the optional powerful third row seat for an extra $1340 that allows you to transport up to 7. Of course you can add all the pre requisite SUV goodies like a rear seat D. We are now the system and a reverse parking 8. Base MSRP on the Ford Explorer 4 by fours 33 0 625 while my tester with the Eddie Bauer group and lots of other options ends up at 43 0 160. For that price Ford needs to change a couple of things. These 18 inch chrome wheels and extra priced at $595 are hideously low rent looking matching that less than quality, look is the hard cheap plastic used throughout the interior. Despite that the interior is reasonably comfortable all round and well designed. Automatic 2013 Ford Explorer sport hid headlights provide when driving at night excellent illumination of the carriageway.

In the end the explorer still getting the job done after all these years but as the SUV market is transitioning from mainstream to match the question is will the new explorer still have an audience. For drive time on court TV on sleep habits.