Advantages and disadvantages of electric cars

The main question worrying the potential buyers of electric cars is where and how to charge it, if they’ll see the warning that the car is running out of battery on the road.

electric car teslaThere are three ways of charging any electric car. The first on is to use the domestic network of 220 volts — you usually need 6–8 hours for the full charge. The second one is the use of fast chargers (CHAdeMO or Supercharger) that can charge 80% of the battery capacity for 30–60 minutes (they are very expensive- $15–20 000.).

The third one is the use of three-phase 380-volt socket, which can charge the battery in 3–3,5 hours (they are located at the petrol stations and parkings). We should note that the car battery absorbs more energy in the first hours — in half the time you can get not 50% but,
While for the cars, operating on the traditional kinds of fuel, they usually indicate the mileage as a resource (for example, 300 000 km before the capital repairs), the resource of electric cars is measured in the number of allowable cycles of charge-discharge of the battery. If you charge it every day, the “affordable” cars (for example, Nissan Leaf, Renault Fluence) serves about 5–6 years, and the expensive ones (like Tesla) — 8–10 years. After this time, the battery doesn’t stop working completely, but loses the part of its capacity.