Ford Explorer Platinum them. What he did and club massaging. The which along with the heated steering wheel make you feel like you're spending a day at the spa I love driving. Mmhm I'm only 5 foot tail simulate a club that that that if we have the power it steering column along with that just about foot pedals allowing me to drive the bus made that movie comfortably and with confidence.

Ford Explorer Platinum

I think because of the rear the kids can adjust their own temperature which is great for minimizing something. Also they have the I think it means it is great you let me 100 and not know a household plan which is great for traveling.

Ford Explorer

They feature that I love about the Ford explorer plan. 3 power lifting. The previous year at the you would ever need it.  If you've ever had right ear rear seats full they had the strike was over. All you have to do you want this by and. And the seats pulled with ease. But I'm still a spot light on it at the Ford explorer plot numb isn't just a great mommy mobile but it's also not really. Offer us that 20 inch wheels look awesome kneeling beside real looks great and inside that's a 500 watt sound system from Sony. And it's like a huge panoramic sunroof is always a plus now it's been on the road Sally. Information about Headlights for Ford Explorer Platinum see at link:

When I think back to the beginning of the SUV boom there are a handful of sport Utes that come to mind but to me it's the Ford Explorer that really epitomizes the heyday of the traditional sport utility vehicle but SUV's are no longer the apple of everyone's I. Contrary SUVs have become the poster children for wretched excess and vilified by small car drivers and environmentalists. In response to this board is move the all new 2006 Explore a little farther away from its rough truck routes. Crossovers are still viewed as okay in the court of public opinion and the new explorer those still real sport you capable has a little more of the cross over persona built in. So why choose the explorer say over the freestyle well the Explorer is built body on frame for SUV off road toughness. They can tow over 7000 pounds to pay.

Ford Explorer Powertrain seating configurations. That payload is bent increased to as much as. 200 pounds. Ground clearance is over 8 inches and the advanced track 4 wheel drive system has electronic selectable for high end for low ranges from what is otherwise a rear wheel drive truck. These are the key attributes of the traditional SUV and the stats on the new explorer look good by comparison. The new 4.6 liter V8 features 3 valves per cylinder and makes a very healthy 292 horsepower and 300 pound feet of torque mated to a new 6 speed auto the explorer feels more than adequately power to carry you on your errands.

Gas mileage for my 4 by 4 Eddie Bauer came in close to 16 miles per gallon for the week which included a lot of highway driving. The 4 wheel independent suspension delivers a very smooth ride while the same time providing more Christmas to the handling that before the both areas trail behind the head. Powered jeep grand Cherokee. He explore competitor. What area that the jeep can't compete is a passenger space. My exporting fitted with the optional powerful third row seat for an extra $1340 that allows you to transport up to 7. Of course you can add all the pre requisite SUV goodies like a rear seat D. We are now the system and a reverse parking 8. Base MSRP on the Ford Explorer 4 by fours 33 0 625 while my tester with the Eddie Bauer group and lots of other options ends up at 43 0 160. For that price Ford needs to change a couple of things. These 18 inch chrome wheels and extra priced at $595 are hideously low rent looking matching that less than quality, look is the hard cheap plastic used throughout the interior. Despite that the interior is reasonably comfortable all round and well designed. Automatic 2013 Ford Explorer sport hid headlights provide when driving at night excellent illumination of the carriageway.

In the end the explorer still getting the job done after all these years but as the SUV market is transitioning from mainstream to match the question is will the new explorer still have an audience. For drive time on court TV on sleep habits.

Hey guys I wanted to show you these LED headlights that just bought for my 2011 Hyundai sonata. I went with LED because I didn't want to mess with them The The HID's because. I hear you can get some bad ballasts than. Your headlights will look riding and all this mess. So I figured hi Michael with ID's a new type of LED headlights. These are creamy. Light bulbs but I really doubt that they're real authentic crease the public just so. Imitations of creamy LEDs but on.

Hyundai SonataIt's a newer type of LED that you'll see. So about these off of eBay. And don't really want to tell you who the. The seller was because you can just look on eBay and search for the sat LED H7 Headlights. And are they were pretty expensive but they all got it for. Actually under a puppy under 30 Bucks so not bad. And. They said that it omits about. 2400 lumens so that's great because. Halogen does probably at best. 2000 women's. And I have the Philips diamond. Vision on my car in. Still kinda not happy with it it's not true bright white. Still got a little tinge of yellow. And a sense that say. Since it, On a blue tinted halogen 2013 Hyundai Sonata headlight bulb. Their light output isn't . Quite what I really wanted so I'm gonna try these out so the user. I kind of cool because you'll notice that these newer LEDs. I've been looking around. And I you notice that this one doesn't have a fan. And in the back of this isn't very. Very big and bulky, And what's really cool is if you've ever changed out your halogen like books on your. On your I sonata that you know that retainer clip is.

It's really hard to deal with and also I was word about some clearance and stuff like that. But what's really cool is you see that this this little. This little H. 7. Click here. It. It on fun fun fun does itself. So. You can just put this aside the retainer clip and then. Slide the other rest of LED body and. And notice. Lock on. So cut any. And then. From there. It's got just so I guess a small little ballots here so nothing big to really maut. Appear to your LED your HID skews me. And then I figured . I want to use like dust caps. So I might just drill hole. Through it just to fit the the wire through so I already took all my desktop but does caps and upright just drill little hole to fit that wire through. You can you can buy these deaths caps. From Amazon or somewhere online so you have to ruin your. Your factor wins because I know a lot of you guys lease your sonata so you don't miss a beat so but yeah you can always buy extra one of these if you don't wanna draw through your your old but anyways. I'm gonna and install these and up that you.

You guys it's going on it's Alex racing garage and tonight we're going to be demonstrating our campus LED headlight kit on this. 2008 Dodge ram 1500 we haven't plugged and hand my buddies there in the car and we're gonna show you guys how it's plugged in the car and we're gonna show you how it functions we're gonna show you what you need and how to make it work properly okay so now we have the LEDs installed in the truck and we're going to show you guys what it looks like so that's the LED right there its LED bulb that's a harness that goes to the canvas module which is that guy. And this particular vehicle needed the campus because it's a Dodge.
LED Headlights
So also with the canvas also needed another accessory. Which is these guys. These are resistors or anti flicker. Modules of people call them but they're pretty much just resistors and led headlights So from the canvas. They would usually play again to the factory harness but it's not gonna go to affect your Highness it's gonna first go plug into these resistors. And then it is going to go plug into the factoryhighest last. So we're going to tie these all up and get this all bolted out so it's not. Nynex the fan and not just around.

But that's what it looks like from thebackside. So it's similar set up to pretty much what nature idea so you guys are probably wondering why you need a can bus kit for this vehicle for the Dodgers on it's because the Dodgers have a ball about warning I'm on the dash. And without the canvas kits. If you're just using a regular kit you will get a ball about warning and. With the canvas kit does is you will not get a ball about warning or any error code on the dash so. The truck. And it's. There is no. Whatsoever on the dash. And. We have to change oil but that's besides the point. So as you can see there's no bull about warning or any error code on the dash. So here's a light switch turn this on. And. Still. No warning no error code no nothing.

So now that we have the kids all plugged in wired up ready to go we're going to you know say you guys. With the lights on. As you can see it reaches full intensity the moment you hit the switch you don't need to wait for it to warm up or anything like that have full intensity the moment you. Switch. And. These are on a CD a lot brighter than the standard ones on the canvas kids are brighter than the standard tape that we have. About 25 percent greater. IBM. High beams worked just fine.

2016 Ford MustangFord has finally released the Mustang locally and it's powered by 2 .3 liter 4 cylinder ecoboost engine the efficient turbocharged motor generates 233 kilowatts 432 Newton Matus and uses as little as 9 latest per 0 kilometers on the combined cycle not enough that's a kind good. Let's stop pretending that anybody cares about a 4 cylinder Mustang and concentrate on the one everybody does care about this one. 5 late of the I. Originally launched in the states in April 64 as anointing 65 model the Mustang was at the time for what's most successful launch since the model I. Performance enthusiasts didn't always type the Mustang seriously early on the Mustang was seen as more of a poses car than a performance weapon.

People like Carroll Shelby changed all that. Decided a raft of hot cool they I'd engine options. Now the Mustang is as much Morton muscle car. Eco. Ford Mustang the first officially available in Australia since the sixties. Is the sixth generation of what is now an automotive legend. It's also the first Mustang that's being designed by the factory to be right hand drive from the outset. Mustang export superstar for the Ford brand retro is cool but retro isn't easy to Nile yet this Mustang brief perfectly. It's Marden but old school and it needs to be to take the Mustang fight. Absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this is a great value muscle com. I've spent a bit of time driving the previous generation Mustang in America. You. Right. Is actually a proper step forward and refinement it's a muscle car in every sense of the  word but it's actually quite refined it's quiet in the cabin.

Comfortable there's not a lot of road noise that feels very together and very solid so well built. I've decided I wouldn't admit it publicly but the ecoboost 4 cylinder is actually a really good engine of spent a bit of time and that's it I have seriously impressed with out the forms that uses meet non latest per 0 kilometers so it's actually quite efficient as well it's got plenty of punch and it's got a great source not. Ike which is actually the reason that everybody's gonna want to buy a Mustang.No. What loud enough that mark needed souls but it does sound good and intrinsically it's like right moderates got plenty of talent takes a toll nonsense move the automatic gearbox which I've tested eyes bright get slightly right. And it actually drives really really costly so whichever talk of Mustang you prefer you're really gonna be happy with what we've got.

Inside the cabin it's a solid mix of oldschool design and modern technology a classical Mustang steering wheel sits next to Ford's latest version of its sink to infotainment system. So does the new Ford Mustang position itself as a proper muscle ka you bet it does you can have a lot of fun you can grab  can drive it the way you should be able to draw the Muskoka the fact there's a 4 cylinder model will create more bars happy remains there's something for everyone that's a really really good interpretation of it legendary muscle cough and akaun white for the cowboys team to sink their teeth into this one.

The main question worrying the potential buyers of electric cars is where and how to charge it, if they’ll see the warning that the car is running out of battery on the road.

electric car teslaThere are three ways of charging any electric car. The first on is to use the domestic network of 220 volts — you usually need 6–8 hours for the full charge. The second one is the use of fast chargers (CHAdeMO or Supercharger) that can charge 80% of the battery capacity for 30–60 minutes (they are very expensive- $15–20 000.).

The third one is the use of three-phase 380-volt socket, which can charge the battery in 3–3,5 hours (they are located at the petrol stations and parkings). We should note that the car battery absorbs more energy in the first hours — in half the time you can get not 50% but,
While for the cars, operating on the traditional kinds of fuel, they usually indicate the mileage as a resource (for example, 300 000 km before the capital repairs), the resource of electric cars is measured in the number of allowable cycles of charge-discharge of the battery. If you charge it every day, the “affordable” cars (for example, Nissan Leaf, Renault Fluence) serves about 5–6 years, and the expensive ones (like Tesla) — 8–10 years. After this time, the battery doesn’t stop working completely, but loses the part of its capacity.